The Consultation Services Committee developed CONSULT Online as a directory of SLA members who are library consultants. A search on this database is free and is available to members and nonmembers interested in locating a consultant who may assist, on a normal commercial basis, with such areas as library management, technical services, and subject specialty. CONSULT Online members may check their entry by using the First Name, Last Name search fields. Any additions or revisions to the database must be made by completing the CONSULT Online Entry Form, which is sent directly to SLA's IRC for updating the database.

This database of member consultants is maintained and made available by the Special Libraries Association. It does not constitute endorsement or support of any listing in the database by Special Libraries Association and SLA assumes no responsibility for the listings in or as a result of the use of this database.

CONSULT Online is a database of SLA members who wish to be listed in the consultants database. Current and continuing membership in Special Libraries Association is the requirement for inclusion in this database.

All consultants listed will be verified against SLA's membership database twice a year, in mid-April and mid-October.

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